Our Services

Our raison d’être is to enhance the value of our clients’ business operations. We do so by systematically identifying, evaluating and attracting the most outstanding professionals available in the marketplace.

We present skilled, headhunted, high-performing professionals directly from their own sectors, who immediately impact their business. While our primary objective is to fill key positions, our clients also benefit from the exclusive talent we present them irrespective of openings.

Our areas of expertise include:


Executive Search

TechHi offers Retained, Contingency, Container and Contractual tailor-made staffing solutions. We partner with our clients, providing expertise on senior-level hiring needs. Clients also benefit from being introduced to game-changing candidates irrespective of openings. Human capital is an organization’s most valuable asset. At TechHi, we have a singular focus on finding the critical “right fit” for our clients.

Compensation Models and Retention Programs

Successful organizations understand the value of competitive compensation programs for their employees. Using real time and industry specific compensation information, we assist our clients in designing compensation models that are competitive, state-of-the-art and engineered to attract and keep key professionals.


Board Services

For organizations large and small, building and maintaining an effective Board is a demanding and complex task. As a strategic partner, we address all facets that are critical to Board success, from governance, compliance, and disclosure, to compensation, roles, responsibilities, and transparency.



Interim Executives

Many organizations turn to interim executives as a pragmatic solution to a range of critical short-term requirements. At TechHi, we provide our clients with skilled executive support for such initiatives as mergers and acquisitions, special projects, IPOs and mentoring.



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